It is essential to make sure your home has a strong base where it will be built on. The concrete slab is a crucial part of any home construction because it ensures your home has structurally sound support. Without a concrete slab, contractors will have a hard time constructing a level, straight home. a concrete slab should be installed correctly to give your home a structurally sound base to begin its construction.


​When it comes to home construction, cost-effectiveness is one of the things any homeowners look for, which is precisely what concrete slabs offer. The main reason why slabs don’t cost much is that the construction materials used for it don’t cost that much either. Concrete slabs don’t require a foundation wall or feet during construction. It is also not necessary to have deep excavation when installing slabs. Due to the shortened procedure, construction time also gets shortened which means lower cost spent on labor.


Arguably, concrete is the most durable material for construction. By adding steel mesh or fiber reinforcements, it can be strengthened even more. Our contractors use a standard concrete strength of 4500 psi to ensure durability and resistance of your concrete.
There are three types of slabs: stiffened raft, waffle raft, and pier and slab. If you don’t know which type suits your project, we will help you determine the best one that will fit your needs.


It is essential to have a level and perpendicular surface for the builders. This is why correct pouring and installation of a concrete slab is necessary to start off a construction.


If concrete slabs are correctly sealed they can be a natural barrier when a fire starts. They are non-combustible that is why it can intercept radon gas before it gets into your house,


You will thank yourself for installing concrete slabs, especially in the hot season. Concrete slabs absorb heat from the atmosphere when the temperature is warmer than the slab itself. On the other hand, when the temperature surrounding the slab is colder, it will release the heat that it absorbed. Concrete slabs make a good insulation system for your house.

Stiffened Raft

A stiffened raft is one of the most common types of raft because of the ease of constructing it. The slab is poured at once and is supported by a concrete edge and internal beams.

Waffle Raft

To form waffle raft, grid stiffening ribs are needed to ensure they do not move while being poured into the concrete. The slab is not poured deeply into the ground but is placed on top of it.

Pier and Slab

When installing pier and slab, the pier grid should be fixed into the soil before the concrete is poured on top of it. The type of ground in the area determines the size of the piers and the depth at which they are embedded.

Common Issues with Concrete Slabs

Ensuring the integrity of the structure of your home is vital. Its structural soundness dramatically depends on the quality of the concrete slab that is why if the concrete slab is poorly installed the building will have structural problems. When you are constructing a home or a commercial building, it is crucial to hire a professional contractor to make sure the job is done correctly.  We have listed some of the most common issues that arise when homeowners try to install their slabs.

  • Flaking- Proper proportion is needed to install slabs. If the concrete is not mixed correctly, or the amount of water is not proportioned to other materials, the surface of concrete can flake off. The only way to go about it is to mix the concrete properly. When the concrete is drying, we begin to get rid of extra water that surfaces on top.
  • Warping– Warping happens when the concrete is poured onto the ground which is not properly compacted.
  • Moisture Problems– Moisture can buildup under your slab through time. Moisture can be caused by too much water in the concrete mix, and it can be fixed by installing a plastic layer between the slab and the ground.

Concrete slabs are an integral part of any home construction. If you leave it to the hands of amateurs, you may also be endangering your safety. Make sure to hire a professional concrete contractor to do this important project for you

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