You might be thinking of adding a patio or improving your existing one but you do not have an idea where to begin. Why not start by contacting Pittsbrugh Concrete Contractors to help you build the patio of your dreams? Installing a concrete patio is usually less complicated than when doing a wooden patio. There are many options available when it comes to concrete, so it is easier to have an improved and attractive patio you never thought was possible. If you are worried about how much it would cost to complete the project, you don’t have to stress anymore. There are many options available and Pittsburgh Concrete will help you choose the best one without hurting your budget. We can make a relaxing and attractive patio for you and your loved ones. We have skilled contractors who can help you in choosing the best design that will fit your taste and budget. If you find it difficult to decide which design to choose, call us right away.

Patio Options

There are generally two options for you when you want to remake your patio: stained concrete or stamped concrete. Both can make your patio look better and upgraded from that dull grey concrete. We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your choice that is why we provide you with a free consultation.

We will lay all your options and make you understand each one, so you can choose the best that will fit your lifestyle and budget. We will go about the nitty-gritty of stamped concrete and stained concrete and how they are applied. We can make your patio look like authentic stones without paying as much. You will be impressed with how well we can improve your patio.

Patio Styles

We understand that you may be confused as to what style to choose for your patio. There are a variety of options to choose from which makes it difficult to decide. Pittsburgh Concrete Contractors will help you understand these options, so you can choose the best. Here is a list of some of the most popular patio styles that we install:


Slate may be one of the most attractive materials that can be used for patios. However, they can also be costly. It usually costs more compared to other materials. Pittsburgh Concrete Contractors can make slate-looking patio possible for you.


Stamped concrete can make travertine style happen to your patio. If this is what you want for your patio, contact us and we will provide you with options.


If you find the stone style attractive, 412-Concrete Contractors can do it for you. Our skilled concrete contractors can make your patio have that attractive stone look that you want. Contact us so we can help you make it come true.

Why Trust 412-Concrete Contractors

There is a reason residents of Pittsburgh turn to us for their concrete needs. We are skilled and we provide only the best service you deserve. We consider your preference and budget without compromising the quality of our work. 412-Concrete Contractors will make your concrete as beautiful and durable as you imagined it to be.